ABA launches Banking Fundamentals

6938_BankingFundamentals_1401685168_mediumThe American Bankers Association recently launched Banking Fundamentals, a new series of three online interactive courses that allow the next generation of bankers to network and collaborate with other students and faculty in a virtual setting. This new offering replaces ABA’s acclaimed Principles of Banking curriculum and is designed both for early-career individuals beginning their banking careers and experienced professionals transitioning into banking from another industry.

“In today’s banking industry, it’s critical to develop your next generation by providing effective onboarding and ongoing professional development that sets them on the-fast track for success,” said ABA EVP Jim Edrington. “Banking Fundamentals is tailored to the new generation of bank employees by encouraging learning in concert with social interaction in a mobile, online setting that can lead to heightened engagement and better results.”

Combining engaging lessons, case studies, video and an interactive multimedia “textbook,” Banking Fundamentals provides students with an overview of the banking industry, bank lines of business and building customer service relationships. Learn more.


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