Using Analytics to Your Advantage

webanalyticsby VGM Forbin

When you read that, did you think about a bunch of complicated numbers, percentages and alien terms such as “unique pageviews,” “bounce rate” or “ratio of customer lifetime value to customer acquisition cost?”

If so, you’re not alone. Just thinking about analytics has scared many a business owner or marketing manager away. However, you shouldn’t be scared of the numbers, but instead make them your friends.

Analytics offer insights into your website, landing pages and campaigns and how users are interacting with them. Though analytics programs differ, they all allow you to do three simple, but vital things: track progress, fine tune and get important information.

Track Progress

Put simply, you can see how well your website, landing pages and any campaigns are performing. This answers the age-gold question of, “Are we getting any return on our investment?”

Fine Tune

Once you see how well your web properties are performing, you can make adjustments as necessary. After you make adjustments, you can then track progress, make more adjustments and so on. Analytics provide the foundation to improve your website. How will you know your changes are doing what you need if you don’t measure them?

Access Vital Information

What kind of information? Here’s a high level view of the data you can glean from analytics:

  • Visits
  • Traffic sources
  • Devices accessing your website (desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet)
  • Demographics
  • The most popular pages on your website
  • Campaign performance
  • Goal conversions

There is a lot of other data you can get from reviewing analytics regularly. However, this doesn’t mean you will be drowning in numbers. You can get as in depth with your analytics reporting as you want. This allows you to get the data you need without feeling overwhelmed.

When you allow data to help you make decisions, you are taking guesswork out of optimizing your online presence. This means better results for you and your financial institution.

Isn’t it time you make numbers your friend?

Christina Throndson from VGM Forbin will be presenting more about web analytics at the IBA Marketing Conference, April 30-May 1.


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