Do’s and Don’ts of Performance Evaluations

Group of unidentifiable business peopleby Andie Gordman, SilverStone Group

It’s that time again; time for the annual performance evaluation discussion dreaded by both managers and employees alike. In most organizations, managers do not make giving regular feedback a priority and employees are unclear how managers view their performance.

In 2013, Business and Legal Resources surveyed 1,358 Human Resources professionals. Although 27% of the respondents indicated their organization does and average to excellent job of conducting performance appraisals, 73% rated their organization as below average to terrible. Just think about it, if the Human Resources professionals think the system doesn’t work well, you can only imagine how managers and employees feel about the process.

In our ever changing and technologically driven environments, employees want more real time feedback on their performance and advice on how they can improve and create opportunities for additional responsibilities and advancement. Yet most organizations do not provide managers with the need training to become coaches.

In order for performance management to be successful, we need to stop thinking about the process as a Human Resources function and create a culture, starting at the top, of continuous feedback and improvement.

Andie Gordman of the SilverStone Group will host an interactive discussion on the Do’s and Don’ts of Performance Evaluation session at the IBA HR Conference on April 15-16. Andie will share why traditional systems don’t work and provide suggestions on how shift your organizations thinking about performance management.

Andie Gordman, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CCP brings decades of diverse corporate human resource experience to SilverStone Group. In her role as a Senior Consultant, Andie provides support to clients through her expertise in employee relations, audit, compliance and Affirmative Action planning as well as compensation structure and analysis.



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