2014 Loan Loss Reserve Survey

mcgladreyThe McGladrey 2014 Loan Loss Reserve Survey is an invaluable guide for community financial institutions nationally to evaluate their allowance for loan loss (ALL) reserves in context with peer institutions as well as to confirm the accuracy of the information upon which they base their accounting decisions.

After yet another solid year for the U.S. economy, leaders of regional and community financial institutions expressed both confidence and some post-recession caution about the prospects for their local market economies. In our 2014 National Loan Loss Reserve Survey (LLR Survey), we take a deep dive into historical loan loss trends, recent and projected changes in allowance for loan loss reserves, and overall management of loan loss policies. Our survey also breaks down data by region and financial institution size, which may offer useful insights for your credit risk management and loan loss reserve practices.

Specifically, the results of the survey provide a snapshot of banks and credit unions across the nation and their loan loss reserve factors, with clear views of data for classified and nonclassified loans by asset size. The data is also broken down by components of reserve requirements.

Now in its 10th year of publication, financial institutions have found the data in the McGladrey survey invaluable not only to understand where their institutions stand in comparison to their peers, but to provide analysis support for internal use as well as for regulators.


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