Content Marketing: Build Client Loyalty

Catherine Staub

Catherine Staub

You must demonstrate loyalty to your audience before you can expect it in return. Use content marketing to prove your dedication by being a consistent source of information your audience values. This will trigger events leading to loyal consumers, referrals, and bank growth.

Content marketing sparks connections. Show consumers you care about issues relevant to them by creating content that revolves around those topics.

Connections breed trust. Addressing top-of-mind issues establishes your organization as the definitive source for credible information related to your brand and industry.

Trust leads to loyalty. Engaging, informative, and reliable content keeps your audience coming back. It also can keep them from seeking out your competition. Consumers may consider content marketing to be an added value they receive on top of your banking services—and a service the competition doesn’t offer.

Loyalty creates leads. Besides retaining clients, content marketing helps you acquire new ones—sometimes with little effort. Investing in content marketing can turn audience members into brand ambassadors who share content with others, triggering the loyalty cycle all over again.

Catherine Staub, Ed.D., is the CEO of Lexicon Content Marketing


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