Content Marketing: Shorten Client Acquisition Cycles

Catherine Staub

Catherine Staub

Once you’ve nurtured a lead, you must turn that prospect into a client. This takes time and effort, but content marketing makes the process faster, easier and more profitable. Here’s how:

Content marketing builds relationships. Proving you’re in tune with your prospects’ needs by creating content that answers brand-relevant questions establishes trust and credibility. Content marketing also encourages prospects to act. Armed with the information they need, they’ll turn toward that expert source as a solution.

Content marketing guides prospects to closing. Provide information prospects need to support their decision-making at each stage in your client acquisition process. To put this content strategy simply: Educate prospects about why they need a product or service, then explain why they need it from you.

Content marketing helps you stay in touch. Continue providing custom content to stay connected between service opportunities. Executed correctly, content marketing enhances customers’ lives and makes them feel valued—that means client retention. When they are ready to use other bank services, you won’t need to re-establish your relationship.

Catherine Staub, Ed.D., is the CEO of Lexicon Content Marketing


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