Content Marketing: Build Brand Awareness

Catherine Staub

Catherine Staub

Content marketing helps you build a brand that consumers recognize and trust.

To do this successfully, you must create content that gets your message out and makes it relevant to your audiences’ wants and needs. Here’s how:

Be consistent and frequent. It’s not enough to create one piece of content. You must keep generating fresh, relevant content to stay top-of-mind. Only through regular delivery of valuable information can you begin establishing a brand that’s synonymous with the services your bank provides.

Break through the clutter. Audiences expect advertising. What they don’t expect is content that puts their interests before promotion. Consumers will engage with content that focuses on information benefiting them.

Become a trusted resource. Content marketing should make consumers lives easier and position your bank as a credible and authoritative industry leader. Demonstrate your expertise with content that’s in-tune to the questions and concerns of your audience.

Catherine Staub, Ed.D., is the CEO of Lexicon Content Marketing


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