Content Marketing: An Essential Component of Your Marketing Plan

Catherine Staub

Catherine Staub

In a climate where consumers are bombarded with messages, content marketing gets your bank noticed. Whether it’s a blog, magazine, white paper, or newsletter, content marketing can retain customers and drive bank growth.

Content marketing is the practice of creating engaging, brand-relevant material for your audience. It’s consumer-centric, providing answers to your customers’ and prospects’ questions and improving their lives. Here are three ways content marketing can benefit your bank:

Establish awareness. Get noticed. Content marketing requires marketers to think like publishers. You must figure out what your audience values and develop content that caters to those needs. Do this, and you won’t have to sell your bank. Your audience will search for you themselves.

Build loyalty. Retain customers. Quality, problem-solving content can help you connect with your audience on a personal level. And with that rapport comes trust. Establishing a reputation as a thought leader in the banking industry is key to becoming a credible, authoritative source for customers seeking answers and solutions.

Drive growth. Using content to stay top-of-mind can help you drive bank growth by strengthening existing relationships and creating new ones. Quality custom content has the power to turn leads into clients.

Catherine Staub, Ed.D., is the CEO of Lexicon Content Marketing



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