How the mid-terms will shape the legislative agenda of Congress and the White House

kies_nKen Kies, Managing Director of the Federal Policy Group, LLC,

The miserable roll-out of the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s signature issue, has increased the probability that Senate Democrats could lose their Majority after the election. Several Democratic Senators who are up for re-election this year were already facing tough re-election bids, but the morass of the healthcare law roll-out and voters paying higher healthcare premiums because of the law have made Senate Democrats more vulnerable to losing their seats.

In the House, based on both historical precedent for second midterm elections and the deteriorating political position of the incumbent Democratic president, Republicans should be poised to make significant gains in the House in 2014.

Beyond the healthcare law, today’s partisan environment on Capitol Hill and in the White House provides multiple challenges for enacting any legislative agenda.  The recent spat over extending emergency unemployment insurance has only added to the partisan bickering and made it harder to find common ground on other legislative issue.  Ken will provide keen insights on how lawmakers and the President should tackle these challenges.

Ken has delivered significant legislative and regulatory results for his clients, which include major corporations, trade associations, and coalitions of companies with common objectives. He has led coalition efforts to enact legislation responding to the World Trade Organization’s ruling against U.S. foreign sales corporation benefits, to avert enactment of broad “corporate tax shelter” legislation that would have an adverse impact on legitimate business transactions, and to reverse Treasury regulations targeting “hybrid” arrangements of U.S. multinational corporations, among other projects.

Ken Kies, Managing Director of the Federal Policy Group, LLC, will be providing his Washington DC Update at the legislative luncheon on February 12th at the IBA 2014 Bank Management Conference. With the mid-term elections coming sharper into focus, Ken will deliver a presentation that cuts through the static playing out in the media on how the upcoming election will shape the legislative agenda in Congress at the White House. 


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