Creativity ISNOWHERE!

by Michele Matt, Inspiring Solutions

Michele Weston

Michele Weston

I’m curious to know how you pronounced this month’s article. Did you pronounce it as “….is NO where” or “…is NOW here”?

Most audiences I show this exercise first sees and reads it as “nowhere”. My theory for that is we often think negatively. We have been conditioned to negativity. Since age five, you’ve been getting feedback from other people such as parents, teachers, bosses, customers, etc. Most of this feedback hasn’t been positive or encouraging. I’d bet the majority of your feedback describes what you did wrong, not right!

As a result, it’s often difficult to see the silver lining in a bad situation. For instance, do you think of problems are a sign of failure or as an opportunity to do something different? Learning how to think differently allows you to experience different results.

Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing, but expecting different results.”

What do creative people like Einstein, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres do that others don’t? They believe in their creative potential and use that thinking to do things other people haven’t done.

Whether you think or yourself as creative or not, you HAVE the potential of being creative. For example, have you ever:

  • Gone on a scavenger hunt?
  • Hosted a party?
  • Played sports?
  • Gone camping?
  • Written a poem or short story?
  • Done a puzzle?
  • Painted a picture?
  • Played with a child?
  • Made a gift?
  • Done any home improvements?
  • Taught someone to do something?
  • Planted a garden?

Any of these activities or hobbies takes a degree of creativity. So congratulations if you answered “yes” to any item. Our brain is a muscle and needs to be exercised to stay in good shape. During this month’s webinar, we will have fun with a variety of brain teasers to tap into your creativity.

Until then, let me give you some basic definitions to consider using in your day at work or home.

Creativity– Bringing into existence any idea that is new to you. (i.e. The invention of Post-it Pads, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, iPad, etc.)

Innovation– The practical application of creative ideas. (i.e. Use of any technical device helps you do manual labor differently)

Creative Thinking– An innate talent that you were born with and a set of skills that can be learned, developed and utilized in daily problem solving.

There you have it. You are creative! However, like any skill it needs to be refined and used so you don’t lose it.

Professional speaker, corporate consultant, and bestselling author Michele Weston is a dynamic and highly effective presenter. Since 1989, Michele has specialized in the healthcare, insurance, banking and a variety of service industries. Michele Weston will be speaking at the IBA Human Resources Conference on April 16-17 in Ankeny.


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