Compliance Management – Straight Talk About Today’s Banking Regulation

Today’s regulatory environment is the most challenging bankers have ever seen. With new regulatory agencies and complex rules, this is the time to set a new game plan for compliance. For CEO’s and bank managers the primary focus needs to be creating effective compliance management that ensures the bank is following laws and regulations.

The Iowa Bankers Association’s Annual Convention will feature a breakout session designed to help community bankers with their compliance game plan.

Don Musso, the President of FinPro, Inc. will present, “Modifying the Game Plan: Straight Talk About Today’s Banking Regulation” on September 17. The education session will review ERM and stress testing; reviewing charter choices and holding companies; capital levels and types; avoiding inverse liquidity crisis; building real sustainable earnings; complete detailed asset migration analytics; implement expense control measures; prepare to fix IRR Positions; determine M&A position and capability; and compile a human resource needs and skills matrix.

Mr. Musso indicates regulators will look at the following four main issues for management.

  • The primary regulatory focus is determining whether or not management has the ability to operate the institution in a safe and sound manner and in compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Management that was able to successfully function in a good economic environment may not have the ability needed to execute strategic plans to address problems in bad economic times.
  • Management succession has not been the focus of regulators but nonetheless remains a key issue for all institutions.
  • Executive compensation is a topic that has been addressed in the Dodd-Frank Act and will continue to receive increased regulatory attention.

To learn more straight talk about today’s banking regulation make plans to attend to 126th Annual IBA Convention.


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